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July 24, 2020
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Western Wall Art

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Many people love the look at the feel of the West, and the Southwest specifically. It's very easy to create a room or a home that is based around a western feel. One way to accomplish this is to first make sure that the walls are painted in colors that are found in the west, or that are inspired by the west. These might be colors such as gold, mustard, peach, terra cotta, or earth brown. Then, a person can hang up western wall art of all sorts. Since this style of decor is very popular, there will be lots of options to choose from, when it comes to art to hang on the wall.

For example, a person can hang framed photos. These photos can be pictures of mountain ranges, adobes, or of desert vegetation, such as aloe plants and cacti. Some people want to capture the environment and the terrain of the Great West. They will hang photos of the big blue sky, with its rich cloud patterns. They might also hang photos of the dried clay earth. In fact, photos of dried and cracked earth is a very popular image that people associate with the West. Another popular image that people associate with western art is photos of sand dunes in the desert.

Western wall art doesn't have to be restricted to photos, although there are plenty of them on the market. One can also hang up paintings. One of the most popular Western artists is Georgia O'Keefe. There are lots of her reproductions for sale that can be hung up in a home that features western art. There are also many other visual artist who offer paintings for sale. Beyond paintings or photos, craft objects can be used for western art. Lots of crafts are made from iron and from copper in the west. These crafts are very popular to hang up in a home featuring western art.

For example, people buy iron and copper works of art, such as crosses, or stars. The Lone Star comes from Texas, and nothing represents the Old West like anything Texan. Speaking of other objects that come from Texas that can be used for western wall art, many people hang Longhorn cattle horns in their homes. But the use of horns isn't restricted to Texas, to Longhorn cows or even horns. Many people hang moose, elk or deer antlers as well. They also use animal pelts or woven Mexican blankets for western wall art as well.

Western wall art items are plentiful, and they range in a wide variety of prices. Lots of truly amazing artisan items can be purchased and displayed in the home to create a rich and relaxing atmosphere.


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