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Born as Lance Edward Gunderson on September 18th of 1971 in Plano Texas, Lance got the name Armstrong from his stepfather who adopted him in 1974. Of course Lance became famous as a professional road racing cyclist starting his racing career at the age of 12 when he won his first adult competition.

10 Apr 20

Today nearly every great city in the world has a restaurant that bills itself as Mexican cuisine. In reality, much of what passes for Mexican in international settings is actually an amalgam of recipes that has come to be known as Tex Mex. Food historians say that Tex Mex cuisine originated almost 200 years ago when northern Mexico and what became Texas were under the same rulers.

24 Apr 20

Piano players and other musicians who desire to learn the foundations of purely American music should start with the blues. This music form began over a century ago. Today's jazz, hip-hop, rock-and-roll and rhythm and blues owes a debt to it.Certainly, the word "blues" evokes a sense of the mood of being blue.

06 May 20

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06 Oct 20
Native American drone flutes are beautiful. They are constructed of wood and can produce a soothing sound of music. The sound is almost mysterious. They also look great when they are displayed in your home. By adding musical instruments from a variety of sources to your home decor, you will be adding a touch of culture as well.
15 Oct 20
So many times I have been contacted by my web site enthusiasts interested in knowing what is available in different and unusual wall decor. They want some information on wall decor that will set them apart from the usual boring "Same old, same old.
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08 Oct 20
Southwest rugs offer unique color tones that please the eye and give a type of rustic charm to the room. Their historical significance dates back over one hundred years and brings with the history, special designs, textures and techniques of weaving.
31 Oct 20
I received an email from a lady by the name of Elizabeth. Elizabeth lives in Mesa, Arizona. She has a Ranch style four bedroom, three and one half bathroom home in the typical Spanish architecture of that region of the southwestern United States.Anyway, she wrote to me saying that she was doing some decorating in two rooms of her home and was looking for some wall decorating suggestions.
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