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13 Jun 20
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The Perfect Cut Makes A Perfect Meal: Tips For Choosing The Right Cut Of Meat
How to choose quality food is one of a cook's most important lessons. The quality of the ingredients that go into a meal determine its taste, texture, aroma and healthfulness. This is especially true of choosing the correct cut of meal for any dish.Most industrialized countries today have a federal department responsible for inspecting the quality of meat. For example, in the United States, the U.
15 Jun 20
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Texas Wine - It's Not Just About Lonestar Beer
Last few years have witnessed a growing popularity of Texas wine in the national as well as international market. One of the biggest testaments to their growing popularity was Grapefest 2004, where over 240,000 people attended this fest and over 20,000 plus votes received for the 2004 Peoples Choice. Grapefest is the largest wine festival in the state.
25 Jun 20
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Tim Foust Is The Next Great Country Music Artist
If you have not seen the show, certainly you have at least heard of the smash television hit 'American Idol' at some point. Well, Tim foust is definitely the next American Idol, just not in the pop genre. Tim Foust is certain to be the next great country music artist. With his good looks and incredible voice, he can make any woman's knees wobble.
10 Jul 20
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Utility Knife to Artful Weaponry, the Knife Leaves Its Mark in History
As ancient as mankind itself, the knife is the earliest form of weaponry for which there has been no substitute. Essential for survival, the knife was developed out of necessity and has evolved through the ages.
24 Jul 20
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Western Wall Art
Many people love the look at the feel of the West, and the Southwest specifically. It's very easy to create a room or a home that is based around a western feel. One way to accomplish this is to first make sure that the walls are painted in colors that are found in the west, or that are inspired by the west. These might be colors such as gold, mustard, peach, terra cotta, or earth brown.
22 Sep 20
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The Art Of Elizabeth Sullivan
Ten years ago artist Elizabeth Sullivan moved into a studio apartment. That little event sparked a career as a watercolor painter. Although she had been painting, drawing, dying fabrics and doing sculpture since she was very young, Ms. Sullivan was forced to take up watercolors in her small space, because there was no room for other media.
19 Nov 20
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Choosing the Perfect End Table
Choosing the perfect end table can be a very personal choice, and well it should be, given the tremendous selection that is out in the marketplace these days. When choosing the perfect end table for your room, you want to make sure that it has the right scale and the right style.
23 Nov 20
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Complimenting Your Architecture With Decorations
Staircase At times, the architecture of your house will help you decide where and how to hang your artwork. For instance, hang a long up and down grouping of picture frames up on the wall going from one floor up to the next at a narrow, winding staircase.
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